Clinical Research

About Us

Idaho Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation understands that participation in clinical trials is necessary to find and expand ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. This aligns with our mission to improve the lives of the functionally impaired by recruiting clinical trials that will provide therapeutic opportunities to our patients.

Why Should I Participate in a Clinical Trial?

  • Help Advance Medical Research
  • Study Related Care at No Cost to You
  • No Health Insurance Necessary
  • Get Paid to Participate

Meet the Staff

Dr. Robert Friedman - Primary Investigator

30+ years working with children and adults with muscular dystrophies, mitochondrial myopathies, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as well as many other rare diseases.

Dr. Christian Gussner - Sub-Investigator

25+ years working with acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders in the clinic as well as a interventional pain management specialist in our ambulatory surgery center.

Carolyn Blasch, RN - Research Manager

14+ years in project management, grant writing and supervisory roles. An LPN license in 2015 and a RN in 2019, she has worked in hospice nursing, rural emergency medicine, ambulatory surgery center care, cancer care and clinical research.

Current Studies

Muscular Dystrophy Association’s MOVR Data Hub:

MDA MOVR Data Hub is an observational research study that helps health care professionals track and measure quality of life, medical care and treatment for individuals living with neuromuscular disease. We are currently enrolling in this study. Please use the contact info below for more information.

Lower Limb Spasticity

This interventional study is focused on individuals who have spasticity due to traumatic brain injury or stroke and has lower limb monoplegia or hemiplegia. We are enrolling in this study shortly. Please use the contact info below for more information.

Clinical Lab Info

  • Private practice
  • CLIA Certificate of Waiver
  • Temperature and security controlled drug and document storage room(s)
  • Locked and temperature controlled refrigerator
  • Designated clinical research staff certified in GCP, IATA
  • ECG machine, scale(s), vital sign machine(s), AED
  • Three (3) exam rooms designated for clinical research patients

Contact Us

Carolyn Blasch, RN, BSN